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Programming in Z space and CALCI Spreadsheet

The video demonstrates how CALCI and the programming environment can interact each other. You can define a function in Z and this function can be called in CALCI. Likewise, functions can be written inside CALCI cell.


Programming in Z space and CALCI Spreadsheet


This video demonstrates how any variable or a function defined in the Z3 code editor can be used directly in the CALCI cell.

e.g 1) In Z3 code editor:

dist:= speed *time;

-->This function displays result as 6.

Now, in Calci, enter few cell values. Suppose B1=34 and B2=4. Then the function 'dist' can be used directly as - =dist(B1,B2) that displays the result as 136. You can change the value of particular cell (e.g by selecting B1-->CAPTURE from the info table at the bottom --> CHANGE). You can observe the change in result value, as you change B1.

e.g. 2) A function can be defined directly in the CALCI cell by using '==' sign and used directly in other cell.
Define the function in cell A1 as:

==F:=m * a;

Suppose B1=5, B2=6
Call the function in cell C1 as:


-->This function displays result as 30.

Predefined functions such as SUM, ADD, SUBTRACT etc. and many other can be used directly in the CALCI as other spreadsheet softwares.

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