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  • Notes are used to document the important writings.
  • Any format can be applied to create notes.
  • The Notes written can be shared with any of the buddies added with either Read/Read-Write enabled
  • Reminder for the Notes can be created that reminds the user and the shared buddies regarding the Notes created (optional).

How to use:

To access Notes, click on the Notes icon from the Ingrid Menu.

Note Icon

Notes icon can also be selected from the bottom menu bar of the InGrid page as shown:

Note Icon

Creating New Notes

  • On clicking Note icon, the list of user created notes is displayed.
  • Icon on the right bottom corner is used to create Notes.
Create Note Icon
  • Notes include images, videos, html etc.
  • Reminder date can be set to notify the owner and shared buddies.
Create Note

Update Note

  • Click the note you have to update.
  • Top right corner you can see Edit, Delete and Close Icon.
Update Icon
  • Click Edit icon to edit the Note and update icon to update
Update Note

Delete Note

Click Delete icon to delete Note

Delete Note

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