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Any desired text can be added to existing images/photos/videos in Ingrid app.

How to use:

A]Adding text on Photos/Images -

1. Select an image/photo from the device. Click the 'Edit' icon. Select 'text' option. Type in the desired text and click 'Done'.

Text photos videos 1.png

Text photos videos 2.png

2. Font type, Font size can be varied as per the choice.

Text photos videos 3.png

B]Adding text on Videos -

1. Select a video from the device.

Text photos videos 4.png

2. As shown in the window, selected video can be previewed and then used.

Text photos videos 5.png

3. Add text by selecting 'Edit' option and then 'Text' icon.Play the video using 'Play' button at the lower leftmost corner as shown.

Text photos videos 6.png

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