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InGrid Social Constellations

InGrid is a platform that enables socially driven content creation, distribution and dissemination, in appropriate zones as ZCubes users wish to. The concept is global grid. The users and machines are hooked to the grid, and the functionality and data is available and can be stored. Ingrid is a global grid of functionality and information.

Ingrid was created by ZCubes to connect with people all around world and enable them to contribute to global grid and share easily. It has outstanding features that help you to Think and Link with your friends.

Users have to register in Ingrid to use the Ingrid service. Once registered, users can update their profile and connect with the friends.

Users have the options to Post, share, like, dislike, comment the cubee.

Ingrid Releases

Latest Ingrid Release

Ingrid Features


Albums are there for you to upload photos from the computer. You can create any number of Albums with any number of photos. Album cover can be of any photos uploaded to the Album. More..


Invite / Events

The features included in the Events is listed below Ingrid Events is one of the strongest feature of ZCubes provided for you to create Events for any date. You can invite buddies. The settings can be enabled in a way that the invitees can invite there friends and can set the limit of invitees and friends of Invitees.

The Calender facility shows the Events created and Events Invited. You will be notified by Ingrid a day before the events to be held. You can select different themes for different Events. Albums in the Events are set to add photos of that Event and it can be viewed by invitees. More..

My Events


Notes is another feature which is used to document the important notes. You can create notes with any headings. The text editor helps to write the notes in any format. You can share the written notes with any of the buddies added with either Read/Read-Write enabled. You can set remainder for the Notes created.It will remind you and the shared buddies regarding the Notes created(optional). More..

Create Notes


Ingrid Blogs (B3) is a functionality of ZCubes that facilitates the user to express views and ideas with the outer world. Blogs can be private or public and can be related to any topic. A blog by default is 'Public' and all live public blogs can be viewed all web users. Users can 'Like', 'Dislike', or 'Comment' on the blogs. The 'Settings' allow the owner to publish the content as a blog, website, slideshow, or a book. More..

Ingrid blogs


  • Groups can be Public or Private
  • Public Groups can be accessed by Public.
  • Private groups can only been seen by group members
  • Group slate is the area where Group members can post images, videos etc
  • When ever a post is posted to the slate, the accessibility can be set to All,Owner,Moderator & Member
  • Any number of members can be added to the group and can be set as Active Members,Moderators,Waiting Members,Readable Members, Writable Members

How to Create Groups

  • Click the Ingrid logo on the left bottom corner
  • A new tab will be opened inside the webpage.
  • Users could see the Groups Icon
  • On clicking that another tab opens adjacent to the previous tab.
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  • Cliparts are pre-made images.
  • Cliparts can be used to illustrate any medium
  • It can be posted to slate.
  • It can be send as email to anyone
  • It can be send as zmail
  • The search option provides the best cliparts from the gallery
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  • Webtools is used for content management process
  • Users could manage there website through Ingrid.
  • Create the content inside Ingrid Webtools and obtain the embed code.
  • Then paste this embed code in the website created.
  • Now the Website owner could change the content through Ingrid without depending web developer.
  • Webtools mainly have 5 features.
    • ZContent
    • ZComment
    • ZDiscussions
    • ZPolls
    • ZFeedback
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Upload files

  • Users are permitted to upload any files and save it.
  • Once uploaded users can view the uploaded file after log in.
  • Users could also search for the uploaded file using the file name.
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Create Experiences

  • Experience page shows the experiences done by the user.
  • Its possible to view and search for the experiences created
  • The created experiences can be shared to Ingrid Slate.
  • Users could view and comment the Experiences created.
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  • Users can create and add members to the communities
  • The roles and privileges of a member in community can be a either be a Member or a Moderator or a Contributor or an Owner
  • Ingrid have many Communities as default.
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  • ZMail is the mailing feature enabled in the Ingrid
  • Users could send or receive emails
  • The message can include images,videos,HTML,embed codes etc
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  • ZMail is the mailing feature enabled in the Ingrid
  • Users could send or receive emails
  • The message can include images,videos,HTML,embed codes etc
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Ingrid App