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ASIN (Number)

  • is any value and it is varying from -1 to 1.
    • ASIN() returns the arcsine of a number.


  • This function is the Inverse function of Sin in trigonometry.
  • The value of ASIN(x) is in Radians in the range
  • Calci returns the value of arcsine (inverse sine)is in Radians.
  • The number can be a single value or any number of values.

For example, ASIN(0.5,(-0.2),1) gives the arcsine or inversesine values for each element.

  • Consider x = (-0.8) then, ASIN((-0.8)) is -0.9273
  • It's also called as Cyclometric function.
  • ASIN is described as Arcsin of a given number and denoted by (x).
  • In ASIN(x) ,x value should be with in -1 & 1.
  • To find the angle in degrees, multiply the result angle with 180/PI().
  • DEGREES function can also be used.

For example ASIN(-0.8)*180/PI() or DEGREES(ASIN(-0.8)) gives -53.13010235415598



  • x is the Number.
ASIN(number) Angle(Radian)
ASIN(-0.8) -0.9273
ASIN(1) 1.5707963267948965
ASIN(0.559) 0.5931792803038736

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