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CEILING (Number,Significance)

  • Where 'Number' is the numeric value to round and
  • 'Significance' is the multiple to round the number.
    • CEILING() rounds the number up, away from zero, to its nearest multiple of significance.


CEILING(Number, Significance)

For Example,

CEILING(3.5, 2) returns 4.

CEILING(-4.6, -2) returns -6.

  • Calci returns an NaN error message if the argument is nonnumeric.
  • Calci returns an #ERROR message if 'number' and 'significance' have different signs.
  • If the number is an exact multiple of significance, rounding will not be done. Calci will display the same number as output.
  • If significance value is not mentioned, Calci assumes it to be 1.
  • This function can also be used for array of numbers in form of equation as-
 a) CEILING(3.33..6.33,0.1) where x varies from 3.33 to 6.33 and displays output to multiples of 0.1. Displays 3.4,4.4,5.4,6.4 as output.
 b) 2.5..4.5|CEILING(x+2,2)| where x varies from 2.5 to 4.5 , adds value 2 and displays output to multiples of 2. Displays 6,6,8 as output. 


Function Output
CEILING(67.5,5) 70
CEILING(1000.34,3) 1002
CEILING(22.3) 23
CEILING(-89.45,-2) -90

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