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CHORDDIAGRAM (Data,DisplayElement)

  • is the set of values.
    • CHORDDIAGRAM() shows the Chord Diagram.


  • A chord diagram is a graphical method of displaying the inter relationships between data in a matrix.
  • The connections between entities is used to display that they share something in common.
  • This makes Chord Diagrams ideal for comparing the similarities within a dataset or between different groups of data.
  • The data are arranged around a circle with the relationships between the data points typically drawn as arcs connecting the data.
  • Values are assigned to each connection, which is represented proportionally by the size of each arc.
  • Colour can be used to group the data into different categories, which aids in making comparisons and distinguishing groups.
  • Over-cluttering becomes an issue with Chord Diagrams, which happens when there are too many connections displayed.




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