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DPRODUCT(database, field, criteria)

  • Where 'database' is the range of cells that makes up the list or database
  • 'field' shows which column is used in the function and
  • 'criteria' is the range of cells that contains the specified condition.

DPRODUCT() multiplies the values in a column of a list or database that match the specified condition.


DPRODUCT(database, field, criteria)

This function returns the product of values from the database that satisfy a given condition.

  • A 'field' argument can be expressed as "Price" (a column name) or 3(position of the column).
  • 'criteria' can be any range on the Calci with minimum of one column and at least one row indicating the condition.
  • 'criteria' columns should not overlap the list of data.


Consider the following table in Zcalci with Stationary Items, Quantity, Price and Percentage Profit.

1 Item Quantity Price Profit
2 Pen >10

3 Item Quantity Price Profit
4 Pen 12 40 2
5 Pencil 20 20 1
6 Books 25 75 5
7 Pen 30 93.33 4

= DPRODUCT(A3:D7,"Profit",A1:B2) : Calculates the product of percentage profits of Pens in the range A3 to D7, for the cells with Quantity>10. Returns 8 as a result.

= DPRODUCT(A3:D7,4,A3:D7) : Calculates the product in the range A3 to D7, of all values in Profit column. Returns 40 as a result.

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