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EXACT (Text1,Text2)

  • and are text string.


  • This function checks the two text string values are identical or not.
  • This function will give the result in a logical values.
  • The result is TRUE when the two strings are similar and the result is FALSE when the two strings are different.
  • function is the similar to the comparison operator (==).
  • So we can use the operator(==) instead of this function.
  • The string values we have to give with in double quotes.


  1. EXACT("life","life") = true
  2. EXACT("life","Life") = false
  3. EXACT("LIFE","Life") = false
  4. EXACT("l ife","life") = false
  5. EXACT("45","45") = true
  6. EXACT("7","-7") = false

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