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  • is the number.
    • GAMMALN(), returns the natural logarithm of the Gamma Function.


  • This function gives the natural logarithm of the absolute value of the Gamma Function.
  • The functions Digamma and Trigamma are the first and second derivatives of the logarithm of the Gamma Function.
  • This is often called the Polygamma function.
  • Gamma, Lgamma, Digamma and Trigamma functions are internal generic primitive functions.
  • Normally the number , where is an integer, is same as .


it is for all complex numbers except the negative integers and zero.

  • This function will give the result as error when
 is non-numeric and .


  1. GAMMALN(6) = 4.787491744416229
  2. GAMMALN(42) = 114.03421178146174
  3. GAMMALN(1) = 0.00018319639111644828(calci)
  4. GAMMALN(-10) = #N/A (X <= 0)

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