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  • where is the logical value TRUE or FALSE.
    • GOLDENANGLE() returns the ratio of the length of the larger arc to the smaller is the same as the ratio of the full circumference to the larger.


  • GOLDENANGLE() displays the golden angle in degrees if the argument is TRUE (or 1) and in radians if the argument is FALSE (or 0).
  • If 'a' and 'b' are two arcs where 'a' is longer arc and 'b' is smaller arc, then Golden angle is the angle subtended by the smaller arc when two arcs make a circle in golden ratio (φ).

It is represented as -

Golden Angle = = =

  • The value of Golden Angle is approximately 137.5077508875556° or 2.399963 radians.
  • Argument can be logical values TRUE (or 1) or FALSE (or 0). Any other argument values are ignored and Calci assumes it to be TRUE or 1.
  • If argument is omitted, Calci assumes it as TRUE or 1 and displays the golden angle in degrees.
  • If argument is invalid, Calci returns a #NULL error message.


GOLDENANGLE(TRUE) returns 137.5077508875556

GOLDENANGLE(1) returns 137.5077508875556

GOLDENANGLE(FALSE) returns 2.399963

GOLDENANGLE() returns 137.5077508875556

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