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INDIRECT (ReferenceText,ReferenceStyle)

  • where, represents reference to a cell as a text string
  • is a logical value that specifies the type of reference in
    • INDIRECT(), returns a reference indicated by a text value.


INDIRECT(ReferenceText, ReferenceStyle)

  • INDIRECTION is the ability to reference something using a name, reference, or container instead of value itself.
  • can be a reference to a cell as text string, A1 style reference, and R1C1 style reference or a name defined as a reference.
  • If is invalid, Calci displays an #NULL error message.
  • If refers to a cell outside the column limit, Calci displays #N/A error message.
  • can be a logical value TRUE or FALSE. If omitted, Calci assumes it to be TRUE.
  • If is TRUE, Calci interprets as A1-style reference.
  • If is FALSE, Calci interprets as R1C1-style reference.


Consider the following table with Columns A as reference cell to actual data and Column B as data for INDIRECT() function.

Reference Data Data
B2 5667
5 60
=INDIRECT($A$2) : Reads the reference value in A2 that points to B2. Displays the data value in cell B2 5667 as output.
=INDIRECT(A3,TRUE) : Reads the reference value in A3 that points to B3. Displays the data value in cell B3 SMITH as output.
=INDIRECT($A$4, TRUE) : Reference cell points to ZCUBES. As there is no cell defined as ZCUBES, Calci displays empty cell as output.
=INDIRECT("B"&A5) : Reads 5th cell in column B. Displays 60 as output.

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