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ISARRAYORSUCH (SelectedArrayObject)


  • is the set of values.


  • This function is one of the group in ISFUNCTIONS.
  • The ISFUNCTION is also known as data information functions, data inspection functions or data-testing functions.
  • In , is the set of values.
  • This function is giving the result as TRUE when the selected Array Object is containing set of values including string values.
  • And will return the result as FALSE when the selected array object containing single value or no value.
  • For the ISFUNCTION the argument can be blank, or it can contain data such as text, numbers, error values, or logical values.


  1. ISARRAYORSUCH(2,[2,3,4]) = false
  2. ISARRAYORSUCH(3,10,"4") = false
  3. ISARRAYORSUCH("a","r",5) = true

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