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  • is any number to test.
    • ISINTEGER(), returns TRUE if the number is an Integer.


  • This function is one of the group in ISFUNCTIONS.
  • The IS FUNCTION is also known as data information functions, data inspection functions or data-testing functions.
  • ISINTEGER function can be used to check the given value is integer or not.
  • Here the number can be either positive or negative.
  • This function gives the result as only TRUE or FALSE.
  • The result is TRUE when the n value is Integer otherwise the result is FALSE.
  • The argument can be blank, or it can contain data such as text, numbers, error values, logical values or any equations.
  • This function will convert any numbers from text.
  • For e.g. "20" is normally converted as a number 20.
  • But in ISINTEGER("20") will return TRUE, because "20" will convert in to number.

Safe Integer


  • is to be tested as a secure integer.
  • This function determines whether the provided value is a secure integer.
  • A safe whole number is one that can be represented exactly by a double precision number.
  • Safe integers consist of all integers from inclusive to inclusive.-(2^53 - 1)2^53 - 1
  • ISSAFEINTEGER("15") = true
  • ISSAFEINTEGER("15.34") = false

Abundant Numbers

  • Abundant number is a number for which the sum of its proper divisors is greater than the number itself.
  • It is also called Excessive Number.
  • The first Abundant number is 12.
  • ISABUNDANTNUMBER(1..12) = false false false false false false false false false false false true

Deficient Numbers

  • Deficient number is a number for which the sum of divisors , or, equivalently, the sum of proper divisors (or aliquot sum) . The value (or ) is called the number's deficiency.
  • ISDEFICIENTNUMBER(1..10) = false true true true true false true true true true


  1. ISINTEGER(15) = true
  2. ISINTEGER(-34) = true
  3. ISINTEGER(1/2) = false
  4. ISINTEGER("78") = true

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