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  • where is the number to be displayed,
  • is the total number of digits.


  • This function pads the given number with zeroes till the mentioned total number of digits are satisfied.
  • should be greater than number of digits of . Else this function returns the same number as in argument without any padding.
  • For the fractional value of , it is rounded off to nearest integer.

e.g PADZEROES(20,3.6) displays '0020'. (Rounded off to 4 digits)


  1. =PADZEROES(4,6) = 000004
  2. =PADZEROES(678,5) = 00678
  3. =PADZEROES(-7,3) = 0-7
  4. =PADZEROES(45.5,5) = 00045.5
  5. =PADZEROES(59,5.7) = 000059

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