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Joseph Pally

Hello! My name is Joseph Pally, and welcome to the world of Z.

It is no surprise that we thought of the letter Z while envisioning a world that is unchained from closed platforms, and an information universe that is pliable to free thought. Z, the final letter, is a bold statement in formulating the most basic ink we all need - the ink in think! In a world of links, thinking needs an ink that transforms and enhances our minds - and this is what we call as Z.

---About ZCubes and Me---

As a young child, I was fascinated by the cartoons of Mandrake the Magician. Theron, headmaster of the College of Magic (Collegium Magikos, which by the way is in the Himalayas!), powered Mandrake's powers. Theron, was hundreds of years old already then, and his Mind Crystal kept him alive, and he in turn protected the crystal cubes.

The people at the College of Magic worshipped the crystal cubes, which had been given by the ancient Gods to the college as a gift. Theron, the master, had discovered the secret of these cubes more than two hundred years ago. Theron often said that the reason he had reached such an old age of 300+ was because of the waves that emanated out of the cubes, which he received while meditating in front of them. As specified in Clay Camel's Xanadu, the cubes "amplified and transmitted thoughts around the earth , (or even the stars)", and had infinite power to light the earth or to split the earth into pieces. Mandrake, lived at his home in Xanadu; and the crystal cubes were the way Theron could keep in touch with Mandrake, from his College of Magic in the Himalayas. And according to legend, these cubes had "terrifying power and it would be disaster if they fell into the hands of the wrong people", and those who possessed it would be the masters of the earth. And many wanted to possess those incredible cubes.

Theron and Mandrake, along with their Crystal Cube

These cubes of the College of Magic had a profound influence on me since then.

From the very first day I saw a browser in 1993, I had an idea to make things out of such cubes with immense power. A dream distilled into an vision a few years ago, to organize all of the information into a world that was composed of cubes, each as powerful as a living cell. It has taken us years since we launched ZCubes in 2006, to make these crystal cubes form into streams and grids and cells in matrices.

The transition from a few cubes to many was triggered by another fascinating set of cubes, called the Rubik's cube. It was a 3-D combination puzzle, invented in 1974 by a Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Ernő Rubik, which is also considered to be the world's best-selling toy.

The Rubik's cube, made out of smaller cubes.

The Rubik's cube, which I could solve under a minute then, showed me the fascinating combinations they could make, while from all those many tiny cubes then converging into a beautiful and elegant solution.

ZCubes is a distillation of thought of magicians, mathematicians, scientists, over centuries, all packed into a platform that spreads like a spider's web over the entire internet. I welcome you to enter the world of Z.

About Z