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ZCubes Vision

Information is the life blood of our society. It pervades all aspects of our existence. Easy and powerful tools to create, distribute, store, manipulate, transform and evolve information are necessary for everyone - from the young to the old, from the student to the professional.

ZCubes is an ecosystem of ideas, tools, mechanisms, languages, systems and people that provide this "information evolution backbone". Through provision of systems and ideas that power your mind and ink your thinking, ZCubes envisions a world where information, computation, and intelligence belongs to your world in billions of possible ways.

Fundamentally, by encompassing the 6C's of computing, the ZCubes tools give you the power to express and manipulate numbers, logic, pictures, movies, content, and more. With tools that span handhelds, desktops and servers, the ZCubes ecosystem transforms information into intelligence, and evolution into possibilities, and thinking into creativity.