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The content display mode of a blog can be set to Website mode.

Step 1: Click on B^3 icon. Select 'Create Blog' option as shown.

Wiki B3 Website3.png

Step 2: Enter the new blog name. Select 'Customize Display Settings' options. Select the 'Next' button.

Wiki B3 Website4.png

Step 3: This page displays various settings that can be applied to the blog page. Select 'Website' or 'One Page Website' depending on the length of the text. Save the settings.

Wiki B3 Website1.png

Wiki B3 Website2.png

Step 4: Now add the blog post under this newly created blog. The post gets displayed in website format.

Wiki B3 Website5.png

Wiki B3 Website6.png

The cover image of the blog can be set to displayed as Default, Cover, Elliptical, Oval or Circle.

Note: The display format of the blog can be re-changed anytime to any other format such as Blog, Book, Slideshow etc. through 'Display Settings' icon.