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Constants Value Abbreviations
Acceleration Of Gravity- Gee 9.80665 m·s−2  %gee
Acceleration Of Gravity (Gee, Free-Fall On Earth) 9.80665 m·s−2  %g
Atomic Mass Constant 1.66053892173e−27 kg  %atomic
Avogadro'S Number 6.0221412927e23 mol−1  %avogadro
Bohr Magneton 9.2740096820e−24 J·T−1  %bohr
Bohr Radius 5.291772109217e−11 m  %bohrradius
Boltzmann Constant 1.380648813e−23 J·K−1  %boltzmann
Characteristic Impedance Of Vacuum 376.730313461 Ω %characteristic
Classical Electron Radius 2.817940326727e−15 m  %classical
Conductance Quantum 7.748091734625e−5 S  %conductance
Conventional Value Of Josephson Constant 4.835979e14 Hz·V−1  %conventional
Conventional Value Of Von Klitzing Constant 25812.807 Ω
Coulomb'S Constant 8.987551787e9 N·m2·C−2
Efimov Factor 22.7  %efimov
Electric Constant Vacuum Permittivity 8.854187817e−12 F·m−1  %electric
Electron Mass 9.1093829140e−31 kg  %electronmass
Elementary Charge 1.60217656535e−19 C  %elementary
Faraday Constant 96485.336521C·mol−1  %faraday
Fermi Coupling Constant 1.1663645e−5 GeV−2  %fermi
Fine-Structure Constant 7.297352569824e−3  %fine
First Radiation Constant 3.7417715317e−16 W·m2  %first
First Radiation Constant For Spectral Radiance 1.19104286953e−16 W·m2·sr−1
Gas Constant 8.314462175 J·K−1·mol−1  %gas
Hartree Energy 4.3597443419e−18 J  %hartree
Inverse Conductance Quantum 12906.403721742 Ω  %inverse
Josephson Constant 4.8359787011e14 Hz·V−1  %josephson
Loschmidt Constant 2.686780524e25 m−3  %loschmidt
Magnetic Constant Vacuum Permeability 1.256637061e−6 N·A−2
Magnetic Flux Quantum 2.06783375846e−15 Wb
Molar Mass Constant 1e−3 kg·mol−1  %molarmass
Molar Mass Constant Of Carbon-12 1.2e−2 kg·mol−1
Molar Planck Constant 3.990312717628e−10 J·s·mol−1  %molar
Molar Volume Of An Ideal Gas At T=273.15K And P=100Kpa 2.271095321e−2 m3·mol−1  %molarvolume
Molar Volume Of An Ideal Gas At T=273.15K And P=101.325 Kpa 2.241396820e−2 m3·mol−1
Newtonian Constant Of Gravitation 6.6740831e−11 m3·kg−1·s−2 %newtonian
Nuclear Magneton 5.0507835311e−27 J·T−1  %nuclear
Planck Charge 1.87554595641e−18 C  %planckcharge
Planck Constant 6.62607004081e−34 J·s %planck
Planck Length 1.61619997e−35 m  %plancklength
Planck Mass 2.1765113e−8 kg  %planckmass
Planck Temperature 1.41683385e32 K  %plancktemperature
Planck Time 5.3910632e−44 s  %plancktime
Proton Mass 1.67262177774e−27 kg  %proton
Quantum Of Circulation 3.636947552024e−4 m2 s−1  %quantumof
Reduced Planck Constant 1.05457180013e−34 J·s
Rydberg Constant 10973731.56853955 m−1  %rydberg
Sackur-Tetrode Constant At T=1 K And P=100Kpa −1.151707823  %sackur
Sackur-Tetrode Constant At T=1 K And P=101.325 Kpa −1.164870823
Second Radiation Constant 1.438777013e−2 m·K  %second
Speed Of Light In Vacuum 299792458 m·s−1  %speed
Speed Of Sound In Dry Air 343.2 m·s−1
Standard Atmosphere 101325 Pa  %atm
Stefan–Boltzmann Constant 5.67037321e−8 W·m−2·K−4  %stefan
Thomson Cross Section 6.65245873413e−29 m2  %thomson 
Von Klitzing Constant 25812.807443484 Ω  %von
Weak Mixing Angle 0.222321  %weak  
Wien Displacement Law Constant 2.897772126e−3 m·K  %wien

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