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#BETWEEN(69,15,60) = false
#BETWEEN(69,15,60) = false
#BETWEEN(-6,-10,9) = true
#BETWEEN(-6,-10,9) = true
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==See Also==
==See Also==

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BETWEEN (Value,FirstValue,SecondValue)

  • Specifies an number to evaluate.
  • Specifies the lower value in the range.
  • Specifies the upper value in the range.


  • This function returns the logical value either true or false.
  • BETWEEN(Value,FirstValue,SecondValue),in this Value is the number to find value is in between or not.
  • First value specifies lower value in the range and Second value is the Upper value in the range.
  • Between will return as TRUE if the given value is between the first and second value.And it return as FALSE if the given value is not between the first and second value.


  1. BETWEEN(10,2,20) =true
  2. BETWEEN(69,15,60) = false
  3. BETWEEN(-6,-10,9) = true

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