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==Related Videos==
==Related Videos==
{{#ev:youtube|v=pkU2Sdhng1w|280|center|Identity Matrix}}
{{#ev:youtube|v=pkU2Sdhng1w|280|center|Negative Matrix}}
==See Also==
==See Also==

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  • is any matrix.


  • This function shows negative value of the given matrix.
  • In , is any matrix of any order.
  • The negation of a matrix is formed by negating each element of the matrix.
  • Consider a matrix A,then -A=(-1)A.
  • Suppose the entries are positive, then this will turns as a negative.If the entries are negative,then this will turns as a positive.
  • Also any number is zero, this will show 0 only.
  • Using the negative matrix we will get A+(-A)=0 which is zero matrix.


1. MATRIXNEGATE([4,7.2,6;9,-8,12])

-4 -7.2 -6
-9 8 -12

2. MATRIXNEGATE([[1.2,-25],[0,-83]])

-1.2 25
0 83

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