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  • is any matrix.


  • This function shows the rank of the Matrix.
  • In , is any order of the matrix.
  • The Rank of the matrix is defined by maximum number of columns or Maximum number of rows in the Matrix.
  • For matrix,If is less than , then the maximum rank of the matrix is .
  • If is greater than , then the maximum rank of the matrix is .
  • Suppose all entries are zero in the given matrix then Rank of the Matrix is zero.
  • If a matrix had even one non-zero element, its minimum rank would be one.


  1. MATRIXRANK(IM(9)) = 9
  2. MATRIXRANK([[2,5,8,9],[3,4,6,1],[9,6,5,2]]) = 3
  3. MATRIXRANK([[2,5],[8,9],[3,4],[6,1],[9,6],[5,2]]) = 2

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