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SPELLNUMBER (OriginalNumber,MajorUnitPlural,MinorUnitPlural,MajorUnitSingular,MinorUnitSingular,NumberOfDecimals)

  • is any value.


  • This function shows the spelling or number name of the given number.
  • Argument number can be any whole number or decimal number.
  • The whole number will consider as dollar and the decimals will consider as cents.
  • For non-numeric argument such as character,string or special characters,will display as non numeric dollar and non numeric cents.


  1. SPELLNUMBER(87) = Eighty Seven Dollars And Zero Cents
  2. SPELLNUMBER(87,3) = Eighty Seven 3 And Zero Cents
  3. SPELLNUMBER(87,3,1) = Eighty Seven 3 And Zero 1

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