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Incredible Ingrid App

Do a billion beautiful things with Images, Movies, Drawings and Animations

Incredible Ingrid App is a powerful image and movie processing app with social features. In this app, the canvas can be used to draw, capture and edit pictures and movies, and with powerful text processing capabilities, can create a wealth of image related artifacts.

What can we do with Ingrid app

  • Transform Photos and Movies
  • Add Fancy Text to Photos and Videos
  • Use partitions to create unique photo presentations
  • Rotate, Zoom, 3D effects for Photos and Videos
  • Sketch over Photos and Videos
  • Create Fun Faces from Photos
  • Create Collages
  • Live recording with photo and video effects
  • Draw and Paint
  • Create quick Animations
  • Save the creations as .JPEG files and edit them further in Ingrid
  • Sharing and Networking – Buddies, Groups, Communities
  • Do Texting, Email, Calls
  • Advanced Social Content Creation – Blogs, Albums, Polls
  • Browse the web within the app

Getting Started With Incredible Ingrid

Search for Ingrid App or Incredible Ingrid on App Store or Google Playstore. Ingrid App is freely downloadable. Download and install the app. You do not have to sign up to start using Ingrid App. If you need to upload content or share it with friends, you need to sign in. Sign up is easy and quick.

Once you launch the app, you can start by choosing a photo from the Camera roll, or you can snap a picture. Within the app, you can apply the filters/effects to compose the picture before you capture the picture or video. The effects can be applied one over the other to get combinations that are unusual and unseen with other apps.

You can pinch to zoom or use the deep effect, which provides controls for transform, rotate, zoom etc. You can create quick interesting animations if you combined these features with Live recording and filters.

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