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Brush Tool

The brush tool mimics brush strokes as if you are using an actual brush. In this tutorial, you will learn how the about the brush tool and how to use its settings.

Select drawing tool to open the drawing tools menu. File:Example.jpg Select brush tool.File:Example.jpg Each brush is different. Here are a few examples: File:Example.jpg File:Example.jpg File:Example.jpg

Test them out for yourself to see each effect. Let us now try experimenting with the settings. You can change the settings by pressing the brush settings icon.{insert icon} In the box we can see a few icons and sliders. Each one is explained below. [insert diagram here] Draw something on the canvas.File:Example.jpg

Now we will learn how to use brush settings to customize the brush stroke. Change settings. Use interpolate on and off to see the different effects. Change the width and alpha.