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Create Animations using InGrid App


The Incredible InGrid App can be used to create simple animations. The following tutorial will demonstrate to you how to create an animation.


  1. Select the camera roll50px‎ and select the photo for the background. Press and hold on the image to make it the background.
  2. Return to the camera roll and select an image you wish to animate.
  3. Reduce the size of image by using the rectangles. Place the image on the left bottom of the image.
  4. Press the record icon. Record 2.png
  5. Drag the image horizontally over the image.
  6. Stop recording by pressing the record icon again.
  7. Go to camera roll and select the video.
  8. Drag the video to the wallpaper and play it.

Congratulations, you have created an animation using the Incredible InGrid App.


The following video demonstrates how to create a simple animation.
include video

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