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How to do Creative Photo Display


Photo displays are a excellent way to organize and show your pictures to others. Let us examine how to create a photo display wall like the hall of fame shown here.

Hall of fame.PNG


  1. Draw a rectangle by selecting the rectangle shape icon.Rectangle Shape Icon.png
  2. Press the fill color icon and change the fill color. Fill-color Icon.png
  3. Select rectangular photo frame. Rectangular-picture-frame.png Draw the rectangle.
    A dialogue box will appear. Select a photo.
  4. Select round frame. Circular-picture-frame.png Draw the round frame. Select the photo to be placed within. Change the stroke color of the frame, if needed by selecting the stroke icon.Stroke-color 2.png
  5. Select another frame and select a photo. Rectangular-picture-frame.png
  6. Select box text icon Textbox 2.png and write some text.
  7. Place the rectangle in whatever position you like.
  8. Press save icon to save it to device. Save 2.png


This video demonstrates how to create a photo display wall.

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