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Text Quotes using the Incredible InGrid App


In this tutorial we will be creating text quotes using the Incredible InGrid app. Text quotes are quotes that are placed on a backdrop and usually shared through Facebook, email, and even on your Slate. Share-into-slate.png


  1. Upload a background image.
  2. Apply suitable effects Photo-effects 4.png to the background image.
  3. Write the text Text 2.png of the quote.
  4. Draw a filled rectangle and reduce the opacity by dragging the scale.
  5. Edit font type Font-family 2.png and font size Font-size 2.png if required.
  6. Place the quote in the rectangle box.
  7. Change the color of the text entered.
  8. Using the text editor Text 2.png, enter the Author name and reduce the font size.
  9. Change the color Stroke-color 2.png of the text.
  10. Save Save 2.png the image. Now you can and sent it to your Ingrid slate Share-into-slate.png or send to friends.


The following video demonstrates how to create text quotes.

Create Quotes Using InGrid App

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