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Deep Effect


The Deep Effect is one of the most dynamic effects in the Incredible InGrid App. In this tutorial, let us examine the Deep Effect and it's various sliders.

Slider Controls

Below is a list that explains each slider used with Deep Effect.

  • Skew- Slants the video on its X or Y axis
  • Translate- Moves the frame on its X, Y, or both.
  • Rotation- Rotates X,Y, or Z.
  • Scale- Resizes X, Y or both.
  • Undo- This button will undo the controls.

Images or Drawings

Follow these steps to familiarize yourself with Deep Effect using an image from your camera roll.

  1. Start with a blank background.
  2. Select the drawing or images that you want to apply effects to from your camera roll.
  3. Drag the image to your wallpaper.
  4. Click on the Deep Effect from the Effects menu.
  5. Experiment with the controls by changing the sliders.

You can also record video while experimenting with Deep Effect.


The following video demonstrates how to use the Deep Effect.
include video

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