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Do Live Recording


The Incredible InGrid app allows you to live record actions you perform such as writing a formula and creating short animations.

Let us examine Live Recording.


Live Drawing

  1. Start a new drawing.
  2. Select a skin.
  3. Click the drawing icon.Freeform 2.png Start recording. Record 2.png
  4. Write v = u + at
  5. Stop recording.Record 2.png
    It saves as a movie on the device. If you go to device’s camera roll videos, your video will be available.
  6. Clear the screen.ClearAll 2.png


In this section, we will create a short animation using Live Recording feature. Fell free to follow along with the video below.

  1. Draw an oval orbit using the oval tool.File:Http:// 2.png Remove the fill by turning off the switch in the fill color icon box.
  2. Draw Earth and Sun using the oval tool. Make the Sun yellow and the Earth blue.
  3. Place the sun in the middle of the orbit. Place the moon directly on the orbit.
  4. Start recording.Record 2.png
  5. Using your finger, move the Earth around Sun, following the orbit.
  6. Stop recording using the record icon.
  7. Select your camera roll and drag the video to the wallpaper. Play the video.

You can apply effects and do recording, thereby do some processing while video is being captured.

Ghost image ingrid app.png

Example screenshot of a video captured with effects.


The following video demonstrates live recording.

Do Live Recording Using InGrid App

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