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In this tutorial we will learn how to use masking in various creations. Masking in the Incredible InGrid app blends the target, in this case, text with the background image. It is a way to create interesting patterns or textures within the target text.

Let us examine how to use masking.


  1. Select the camera roll icon and find an image.Camera-roll.png
  2. Tap and hold your finger on the image until it take up the entire background.
  3. Next select the text tool located under the drawing options icon. Text 2.png
    Type in your text and tap OK.
  4. Change the text to white using the stroke tool so we can see the text.Stroke-color 2.png
    You can change the font by tapping on the font styles tool Font-family 2.png and resize it using the font resize tool Font-size 2.png under the text options icon.
  5. Press the select tool icon Drawing-Object-Selection.png and select your text. Move your text to an area where you would like to the masking effect to take place.
  6. Click on the masking tool Mask01.png within the select tool options. As you can see, the text has blended with the background.

  7. Select a skin so we can see the effect. As you can see, the text now has part of the image masked into it.
  8. Resize the text box using select tool.Drawing-Object-Selection.png If you want to rotate your text, tap and hold with two fingers and move the text in any angle.

    Congratulations, now you know how to mask text using the Incredible InGrid App.


The following video demonstrates how to create a mask from a flag.

Masking in InGrid App

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