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  •  are conditions to test.


  • This function gives the statement TRUE or FALSE.
  • AND function is calculating our arguments to logical values such as TRUE or FALSE.
  • In , if all the values of the arguments are TRUE, the function returns TRUE.
  • If any one of the argument is FALSE, then the function returns FALSE.
  • Any text or any empty cells are in the referred argument, then those values are ignored.
  • Suppose in the referred array contains no logical values, then this function will give the result as error.
  • Here the arguments is required. are optional.
  • is a function which returns as 1(TRUE) when all its arguments are 1 (TRUE).
  • If one or more argument is 0(FALSE), then is calculated as 0(FALSE).
  • If both the logical values are 1(TRUE), then value also should be 1
  • If either of the logical value is 0(FALSE), then the value is 0


  • The syntax is to calculate AND in ZOS is .
    • are conditions to test.
  • For e.g.,AND(0.5+0.75<0,10+2<16)
  • AND(0.5-0.75<0,10+2<16)


  • =AND(2+3<10,-4-5<0) = TRUE
  • =AND(1/2=0.5,1*-2=2) = FALSE
  • =AND(a+b=c,d+e=f)=NAN, because l1,l2 are not a logical values
  • Let A1= 70, =AND(50<A1,A1<125)=TRUE, because 70 is lies between 50 and 125

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