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Change the Font,Font Weight and Style of the text in the Calci Table.

1.Create New Calci from the power bar.

2.Select colors option from the right click menu of the Calci table.

3.The color of selected cell will be changed.

4.Select "Decoration" from the menu of calci table.

5.You can "underline", "overline" "strike" the selected cell of the Calci Table.

6.The Font Family can also be changed in the selected cell of the Calci Table.

6.Select the Family Font for the cell.

7.The Font of the cell will be changed.

8.The size of the data of the cell will be changed by this function.

9.The font style of the data of cell of Calci Table can also be changed.

10.Now the font style will be changed of the selected cell.