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DUPLICATE (Thing,Times,BreakEvery,Delimiter)

  • is the text or number or array that needs to be duplicated
  • is the number of times to duplicate
  • is the point at which the string or array breaks
  • is the text or number or character that follows every number


  • This function is used to duplicate the string or text for mentioned number of times.
  • The text can be broken at specific count.
  • Argument can be text, numbers, or any special characters like @,&...
  • is the number greater than zero. If not specified, '1' is considered as default.


  • DUPLICATE(5,8)=55555555
  • DUPLICATE(3,8,2)=33 33 33 33
  • DUPLICATE(3,8,2,"$")=3$3$ 3$3$ 3$3$ 3$3$

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