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Align the text in the zcube in any way whether left,right,center or justify it as you want.

1.Select the zcube and write text in the zcube.Now if you want to align the at the left side.Right click on the zcube and the zcube menu will appear now click on format and select "align left" in the zcube menu.

2.The text will come on the left side of the zcube.

3.Now if you want to align the text at right side of the zcube click on "Align Right" in the zcube menu.

4.The text will align at the right side of the zcube.

5.To align the text at center of the zcube click on "Align Center" in the zcube menu.

6.The text will get aligned at the center of zcube.

7.To make the text justified in the zcube click on "Align Justify" in the zcube menu.

8.The text will get justified in the zcube.