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Schematics graphs are divided into these sub-categories:

Horizontal Multi-level Hierarchy


Half Circle Organization Chart(1)

Half Circle Organization Chart(2)

Horizontal Hierarchy

Horizontal Organization Chart

Organization Chart

Vertical Table Hierarchy

Table Hierarchy

Architectural Hierarchy

Vertical Hierarchy

Horizontal Hierarchy(2)

Vertical Hierarchy(2)

Vertical Circle List

Vertical Accent List

Basic Timeline

Circle Accent Timeline

Stacked List

Lined List

Grouped List

Chevron List

Segmented Process

Vertical Curved List(3)

Vertical Curved List(2)

Vertical Curved List

Increasing Pie Process

Increasing Pie Process(2)

Increasing Pie Process(3)

Increasing Circle Process

Bending Picture Accent List

Vertical Bullet List

Tab List

Vertical Bracket List

Vertical Box List

Vertical Picture Accent List

Picture Strips

Vertical Picture List

Vertical Block List

Detailed Process

Picture Accent List

Horizontal Bullet List

Basic Matrix

Tiled Matrix

Grid Matrix

Picture Caption List

Basic Block List

Basic Pyramid(1)

Basic Pyramid(2)

Inverted Pyramid

Inverted Pyramid(2)

Horizontal Picture List

Continuous Picture List

Pyramid List

Descending Block List

Trapezoid List

Target List

Stacked Venn(1)

Stacked Venn(2)

Stacked Venn(3)

Vertical Equation

Step Down Process

Increasing Arrow Process


Vertical Arrow List

Vertical Chevron List

Chevron Accent Process

Closed Chevron Process

Chevron Process

Circle Process

Process Arrows

Staggered Process

Vertical Process

Circle Arrow Process

Reverse List

Reverse List(2)

Plus And Minus

Opposing Ideas

Arrow Ribbon

Counterbalance Arrows

Opposing Arrows

Opposing Arrows(2)

Converging Arrows

Diverging Arrows

Multidirectional Cycle

Continuous Cycle

Radial Cluster

Cycle Matrix

Hexagon Radial

Diverging Radial

Radial Venn

Center Radial

Radial Cycle

Basic Radial

Continuous Block Process

Continuous Arrow Process

Basic Cycle

Non Directional Cycle

Block Cycle

Text Cycle

Segmented Cycle

Basic Pie

Pie (2)

Basic Process

Accent Process

Picture Accent Process

Upward Arrow

Downward Arrow

Basic Cycle (2nd Version)

Block Cycle (2nd Style)

Circles With Text

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