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Symbolic Math in ZCubes

ZCubes solves symbolic expressions and equations in a simple and easy manner. The EXPAND function takes the algebraic expression as a parameter. You can use a single line command to convert it to a function and run it for a series of values.


Symbolic Math in ZCubes


1) EXPAND("(a+b)^2")
--> Displays the result as 2*a*b +a^2 +b^2

2) EXPAND("(a+b)^4")
--> Displays the result as 4*a*b^3 + b^4 + 6*a^2*b^2 + 4*a^3*b

3) 1..24@(x=>EXPAND("(a+b)^"+x))
--> This command displays all the results of expansion of (a+b), (a+b)^2, (a+b)^3.........(a+b)^24

The output can also be viewed in a separate cube or a table by clicking a small tab on the right.



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