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==Related Videos==
==Related Videos==
{{#ev:youtube|v=WR9qCSXJlyY|280|center|Identity Matrix}}
{{#ev:youtube|v=WR9qCSXJlyY|280|center|Matrix Subtraction}}
==See Also==
==See Also==

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MATRIXMINUS (a,b,ConsiderUnits)

  • and are any two matrices.


  • This function calculates the subtraction of the two matrices.
  • In , and are any two matrices.
  • Minus is one of the four basic operations of arithmetic.
  • Minus operation is the opposite operation of Add.
  • Matrix minus is the basic operation of subtracting two matrices with the corresponding entries.
  • Two matrices must have an equal number of rows and columns.
  • The minus of matrices A and B is denoted by
  • Suppose the number of rows in the first matrix is more than the second matrix,this function will return the extra row entries with the same number.
  • Suppose the number of rows in the second matrix is more than the first matrix ,the extra row values of the second matrix will be ignored.


1. MATRIXMINUS([2,4,0;8,6,3;9,12,-11],[3,-5,-9;8,5,7;8,4,6])

-1 9 9
0 1 -4
1 8 -17

2. MATRIXMINUS([-10,13,17;22,19,14],[12,18,-25;32,25,-16])

-22 -5 42
-10 -6 30

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