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  • and are any real numbers.


  • This function is showing the addition value two numbers.
  • In , and are any real numbers.
  • Addition is one of the basic operations of arithmetic.
  • Sum is the operation of adding the sequence of numbers.
  • The mathematical symbol for summation is .
  • The numbers are adding together is called addends or summands.
  • The addition of two whole numbers is the total amount of those quantities combined.
  • In this function the first two parameters are adding together.
  • If the third parameter is there then also first two parameters only counted.
  • The third parameter is ignored.


  1. ADDBY(90,1568) = 1658
  2. ADDBY(1562,-7631) = -6069
  3. ADDBY(987.24,1652.78) = 2640.02

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