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AGE (Day,Today)

  • is the birth date or starting date.
  • is the current date or ending date.


  • This function shows the age or difference between given two dates.
  • In , is the Birth date or starting date.
  • is current date or Final date.
  • Age is the length of time that a person has lived or a thing has existed.
  • Using this we can get the age or life time of two given dates.


  1. AGE("8/15/1970","8/1/2017") = 46
  2. AGE("12/1/1999","2/1/2013") = 13
  3. AGE("1/26/1950","8/2/2017") = 67
  4. AGE("8/15/1947","9/2/2017") = 70

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