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ANOVASINGLEFACTOR (Array,Alpha,GroupBy,NewTableFlag)

  • where, is an array of numbers or reference to cells containing array
  • represents a constant value between '0' and '1'
  • is a method to perform the analysis by columns or rows
  • decides if the output is to be displayed in the same worksheet or a new space cube.
    • ANOVASINGLEFACTOR(), performs a simple analysis of variances between two data sets.This should be used when you have one indepenedent variable.


ANOVASINGLEFACTOR(Array, Alpha, GroupBy, NewTableFlag)

  • Analysis Of Variances(ANOVA) is a method of checking relationship between two or more data sets.
  • should be in between '0' and '1'. Else Calci displays #N/A error message.
  • Analysis can be done by columns or rows. The choice should be entered in quotes (e.g. "COLUMNS" or "ROWS").
  • can be a logical value TRUE or FALSE. If omitted, Calci assumes it to be FALSE.
  • If is TRUE, the result is displayed on new zspace sheet.


Consider the following table with Columns A and B as array inputs for ANOVASINGLEFACTOR() function.

1 3
7 8
12 5
17 18
=ANOVASINGLEFACTOR(A1:B4,0.05,"ROWS",TRUE) displays results in a new space.
Anova: Single Factor
Groups Count Sum Average Variance
RowA 4 37 9.25 46.916666666666664
RowB 4 34 8.5 44.333333333333336

Source of Variation Sum of Squares Degree of Freedom Mean of Squares F Probability F Critical
Between Groups: 1.125 1 1.125 0.024657534246575342 0.8886077621608085 5.987702296337573
Within Groups: 273.75 6 45.625
Total: 274.875 7

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