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ARGSONE (Arguments)

  • is any complex number.


  • This function is showing the arguments of a complex numbers.
  • In , is any complex number.
  • A complex number z is represented by .
  • where is a positive real number called the complex modulus of z, and is a real number called the argument.
  • The argument is sometimes also known as the phase or amplitude.
  • i.e The angle from the positive axis to the line segment is called the Argument of a complex number.
  • So x and y are any real numbers and i is the imaginary value,.
  • The argument of a complex number is calculated by in Radians.
  • Here it is showing all the arguments values are showing separately like real and imaginary values.


1. ARGSONE("6+7i")

6 + 7 i


5 - 1 2 i


4 5

4. ARGSONE("-34i")

- 3 4 i

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