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  • is of the form .
    • IMAGINARY(), returns the imaginary coefficient of a complex number


  • This function gives the imaginary coefficient of a complex number.
  • Complex number is a combination of real and an imaginary number.
  • Imaginary number is a real number which is multiplied with the imaginary unit , where .
  • When imaginary number is get adding to the real number , then it forms a complex number.
  • Also when we are squaring the imaginary number , it will give the negative real number .
  • For eg .
  • We can use COMPLEX function to convert the real and imaginary coefficients to a complex number.
  • A complex number is a imaginary number when the real part is zero.


  • The syntax is to calculate IMAGINARY in ZOS Section is .
    • is of the form .
  • For e.g.,IMAGINARY("6-0.5i")


  1. =IMAGINARY("2+3i")=3
  2. =IMAGINARY("4-5i")=-5
  3. =IMAGINARY("3j")=3
  4. =IMAGINARY("7")=0

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