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BINOMIALPROBABILTY (NumberOftrials,NumberOfSuccess,ProbabiltyOfSuccess)

  • is any number of trials.


  • This function shows the value of Binomial Probability.
  • In , is the number of times of the trials.
  • is the results of the success.
  • is the value of the Probability.
  • The binomial probability refers to the probability that a binomial experiment results in exactly x successes.
  • Suppose a binomial experiment consists of n trials and results in x successes.
  • If the probability of success on an individual trial is P, then the binomial probability is:


  1. BINOMIALPROBABILTY(5,2,1/6) = 0.1607510288065844
  2. BINOMIALPROBABILTY(10,4,1/3)= 0.2276075801453032
  3. BINOMIALPROBABILTY(20,19,1/9) = 1.3160421343951921e-17

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