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BOTTOM(Array, Count)

  • is the set of elements in an array
  • is the number of bottom elements of a given array to be displayed


  • BOTTOM() function is used to display the mentioned number of bottom values in an array, starting from the end value.
  • The values are displayed in reverse order. i.e bottom value first.
  • Argument can be text, numbers, or any special characters like @,&...
  • should be entered in double quotes("") for text and special characters.
  • Argument should be a positive number less than or equal to the number of values in array. Count with decimal value is rounded to nearest integer.
  • For greater than number of elements in array, Calci displays null values along with the original array.


  • BOTTOM([1,9,15,34,22,6],2) = 6 22
  • BOTTOM(1..10,5) = 10 9 8 7 6
  • BOTTOM([200,300,400],0.6) = 400
  • BOTTOM(["name","address","pin"],1/3) = pin
  • BOTTOM(1..5,-2) = Error
  • BOTTOM(1..5,7) = 5 4 3 2 1 null null

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