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COLUMN (Array)

  • is the cell of particular range of cells.
    • COLUMN(), returns the column number of a reference


  • This function gives the position of the column number for the .
  • i.e COLUMN(B12)= 2 because Column number 2 is B
  • When we are not giving the , it assumes the same cell where function COLUMN is displayed.
  • If the reference argument is a range of cells, and if the COLUMN function is not entered as a horizontal array formula, the COLUMN function returns the number of the leftmost column.
  • cannot indicate as a multiple sheets.


  • COLUMN(F2) is 6, because F2 is in the position of 6th column.
  • COLUMN() this will give the result where the function is displayed
  • COLUMN(B1:F2) is 2, because it will give the result where the B1 is displayed.

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