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  • and are the set of values.
    • CORREL(), returns the correlation coefficient between two data sets.


  • This function gives the correlation coefficient of the 1st set() of values and 2nd set() of values.
  • Correlation is a statistical technique which shows the relation of strongly paired variables.
  • For example, test average and study time are related; those who spending more time to study will get high marks and Average will go down for those who spend less time for studies.
  • There are different correlation techniques to measure the Degree of Correlation.
  • The most common of these is the Pearson Correlation Coefficient denoted by .
  • The main result of a correlation is called the Correlation Coefficient()which ranges from -1 to +1.
  • The correlation calculation only works well for relationships that follow a straight line.
  • The value is positive i.e +1 when the two set values increase together then it is the perfect Positive Correlation.
  • The value is negative i.e. (-1) when one value decreases as the other increases then it is called Negative Correlation.
  • Suppose the value is 0 then there is no correlation (the values don't seem linked at all).
  • If we have a series of measurements of and written as and where then the Sample Correlation Coefficient is:

  • and are the sample means of and .
  • This function will give the result as error when
1. and  are non-numeric or different number of data points.
2. or  is empty
3.The denominator value is zero.
  • Suppose and contains any text, logical values, or empty cells, like that values are ignored.


  • The syntax is to calculate CORREL in ZOS is .
    • and are the set of values.
  • For e.g.,CORREL([(-5)..(-1)],[10..15])
Correlation Coefficient


1. Find the correlation coefficients for X and Y values are given below :X={1,2,3,4,5}; Y={11,22,34,43,56}


2. The following table gives the math scores and times taken to run 100 m for 10 friends:SCORE(X)={52,25,35,90,76,40}; TIME TAKEN(Y)={11.3,12.9,11.9,10.2,11.1,12.5}

=CORREL(A5:A10,B5:B10)= -0.93626409417769

3. Find the correlation coefficients for X and Y values are given below :X={-4,11,34,87};Y={9,2,59,24}


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