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  • and are any real numbers.


  • This function shows the Cross product of two numbers.
  • Cross product is also called Vector product.
  • The cross product is defined in three dimensional space and it is denoted by axb.
  • In CROSSPRODUCT (a,b), a and b are any two positive real numbers.
  • We can calculate the Cross Product this way:
  • = .
  • is the magnitude (length) of vector a
  • is the magnitude (length) of vector b
  • is the angle between a and b
  • is the unit vector at right angles to both a and b.


  1. CROSSPRODUCT([2,7,8],[3,9,5]) =-37 14 -3
  2. CROSSPRODUCT([3,8,-2],[10,6,-5]) = -28 -5 -62
  3. CROSSPRODUCT([5.2,9.1,-4],[4,6,8]) = 96.8 -57.6 -5.199999999999996

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