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  • and are any two set values.


  • This function shows the Dot product of the given numbers.
  • Dot product is also called Scalar Product.
  • This product is an example of an Inner product.
  • Dot product is the algebraic operation which calculates with the two equal length values and gives the single value as result.
  • Here a and b are two set of values with any real numbers.
  • Also a and b are having same length of values.
  • Dot product of two vectors is defined as: and then where denotes summation notation and is the dimension of the vector space.


  1. DOTPRODUCT([3,6,9],[10,12,7]) = 165
  2. DOTPRODUCT([2.5,5.9,6.25],[9,12,13.04]) = 174.8
  3. DOTPRODUCT([-7,-3,5],[101,231,-432]) = -3560
  4. DOTPRODUCT([2/3,8/6,10/3],[2,4,6]) = 26.666666666666664

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