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CYCLEWITHIN (Number,Increment,LowerLimit,UpperLimit)

  • is any real number.
  • is the skip value.
  • and is the limit value.


  • This function shows the value with in the given cycle.
  • In , is any real number.
  • is the value to get add from the given number.
  • is the minimum value and is the maximum value to display.
  • Here the value is displaying with the given number is skip with the increment value that is lying between the lower limit and Upper limit values.


  1. CYCLEWITHIN(17,4,10,100) = 21
  2. CYCLEWITHIN(4,10.56,20,78) = 14.56
  3. CYCLEWITHIN(20/3,79.8) = 86.46666666666667

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